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  bushfires and COVID19 June 2020 I cannot believe I am still here. I must say I am extremely grateful to be here in Lockdown in this beautiful place. All my boxes are packed into the shed and have been since late 2018. (can't be good for my precious-es) but what can I do? Anxiety and frustration are high because I haven't had access to my easels and paints for over a year. Still I have it easy compared to some. I took up writing in the meantime.  
  Sale of my property was not successful July 2018 onwards I have worked constantly on upgrading my propery for sale. I have simply outgrown it. I've been looking for new houses and areas along the coast. And now it is finally on the market. Time to get moving again. I've been here 20 years.  
  Gold Coast headlands December/January Started work on Headland Project with Burleigh Heads and the "Low Tide" painting of Moreton Island. Looking forward to devoting much more time to this project.  
  Ongoing maintenance of 2 websites and Wordpress blog Launched November 2017, Upgraded July 2018 I do all the work associated with website and blog development.  
  currently visiting Tallebudgera valley properties August/September Sketches, photos of properties where fireflies are known to appear at sundown. I'm preparing a series of paintings entitled 'Where the Fireflies dance'.  
  24/7 and ongoing

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Has been neglected of late, but I look forward to taking the time to think and write, journey and paint.