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focus on humans and what we choose to believe.

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'Earth God'
Gouache on Fabriano Paper
68 c 88cm framed

This represents the faith we have in the notion that God/our creator made human bodies according to a plan, a blueprint in the same way that architects work to the Master plan or blueprint.


Watercolour on Arches Paper
68 x 88cm framed

This represents the extraordinary faith we have in our organs and bones, flesh and blood, to do our bidding. We take for granted that our bodies will support us through thick and thin.

While exploring my celtic roots I came across British Standing Stones and of course, Stonehenge. 

I. like millions of others, are fascinated by the fact that these stones have been in their places for over 2,000 years.... by my ancestors. Who were these people? and what faith did they have in themselves to be able to harness such technology to stand these stones in circles aligned with the sun. What faith did they hold about their land and their sky gods?

We will never know for sure, but that ancient faith is shared with many other cultures and is held in our genes resonating until it's loud enough for us to hear the signals. Sometimes it takes a journey of self discovery to find such ancient faith.





Anglesey's Standing Stone
55cm x 65cm

'Mysterious Men Scryfa'
55cm x 65cm

standing stones2
'Facing the Wind together'
55cm x 65cm

standing stone church
Representatives of Faith
(old church in background)
55cm x 65cm

I researched for 'Stonehenge at Work' trying to understand its' purpose through the eyes of esoteric astrology and astronomy.   The henges are thought to have a focussing effect on unseen energy forces and I depicted the light/energy transmitted underneath the earth and into the surrounding landscape. This image shows the sunlight from midwinter's dawn passing the remaining outer Guidestone and entering the henge through the lintels to hit the horseshoe-placed stones of the inner circle and forming a vortex above it. Light is also reflected onto the outer stones and then out into the world in the four directions of Earth.

'Stonehenge at Work'
90  x 120cm





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