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focus on creatures that inhabit the Natural world where I live

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'Save Water: Shower with Friends'

Oil on canvas
77cm x 120cm

I wanted to remember the frogs that I used to find in my shower  or clinging to the outside of my glass windows where they would stay for a day or two.

'Resting Kangaroo' kanga

Oil on Arches Paper


'Red backed Wren'wren

Watercolour on paper
28 x 28cm

This is one of 12 small paintings done in different mediums for a calendar. Wrens are my favourite birds and at one stage I had two little family groups living in the bushes around my house.

'What Matters in Life is to Make Life Matter'

Blackline and watercolour on paper
30 x 42cm
I played with the circular shapes to represent the Circle of Life.  The creatures in the small circles, bird, frog, shrimp etc are rendered in the Celtic knotwork style and the snake and vegetation wrapped around it represent the Earth.

'Kangaroo and Parrots
in the Snow'

Watercolour and gouache on paper
28 x 28cm

This was created as an illustration for a book about a Kangaroo Mother searching for her lost joey.  The Parrots are screeching their condolences and one is offering a suggestion. 

'Crab Zodiac'

Watercolour on paper
28 x 28cm

Illustration for an astrological diary. Here the hermit crab is located in a cave awash with waves from the deep ocean beyond (representing emotions from deep unconscious).
I've done many series of the Zodiac for greeting cards and calendars.


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