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This original painting is available $2,000 framed
Dayze of Innocence Series/Rockstar


waterbased oils on Arches 175gsm paper
Dayze of Innocence Series is about the 1970's Hippy's faith in doing life differently, rebelling and making innovative choices. This series questions some of the stereotypes, cliches and behaviours. I am asking the questions: Was it really our Happy Days? How has Faith in that lifestyle stood the test of time? Were we all just in a dayze of Innocence? If we know what we know now, would we have pursued the lifestyle?

This image is about the adventures we had in the beautiful NSW hinterland areas. After being cooped up in the cities, the waterfalls and bushland were magical places to be.  No parents or neighbours were watching so we were free to abandon clothes and feel the water, sun and rocks on unencumbered skin. And it did feel good! this image also passes comment on the gender stereotypes still practiced by Hippies. The males were dominant and the girls were there to applaud their exploits rather than exploring their own accomplishments. It hasn't changed much from that even today.



68cm x 88cm
original framed is $2000
posted in envelope or tube
Original packed and delivered by courier

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NOTE Waterbased oils are robust enough not to be framed under glass (that's why I like using them).  They are, however, sealed with an archival Varnish to protect them from dust. The artwork is secured to backing and matt board within a timber frame.

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