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This original painting is available $2,000 framed
Vanishing Treasures Series/Where the Glow worms live





Blackline and watercolour on Arches paper
designed as gallery art and for 'Vanishing Treasures' large wall poster.
I wanted to show that little creatures may well be living in the wildplaces we pass on our bushwalks.  Many creatures which live here can't easily be seen during the day. Glowworms are only noted in the big caves of the Nunimbah Valley area in the Tweed, but I wanted to show that small communities live in damp places all over our valleys. Residents excavating on their hillside properties may not know they are destroying their homes.

Glowworms make their homes in moist overhangs, caves and embankments in the bush.  They hang their sticky threads at the openings and use their glowing bodies to trick insects into thinking the twinkle is a starry sky.  Insects fly in and are trapped by the sticky webs. This glowworm home lies in the Tweed Valley in northern New South Wales.  This valley is on the World Heritage List for the spectacular Mt Warning volcanic caldera. Scientific research has shown that glow worm light is a remarkable 90% efficient.  Camera companies are currently researching these creatures to improve camera light.

57cm x 92cm
Original is framed under glass.  $2,000

posted in envelope or tube
framed original, packaged and shipped by courier

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Designed using onsite sketches of all the various trees, rocks, plants, animals etc that I had visited over the years and reference materials in books and online.

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