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This original painting is available $2,000


Vanishing Treasures Series/Where the Fireflies Dance 







Oil on small edge canvas
designed as gallery art and for a 'Vanishing Treasures' large wall poster
I wanted to show the wildplaces in my home valley and the creatures which live there and can't be seen during the day. Neighbours showed me where to find the fireflies so just on dusk I went to a property closeby and waited til 6.20pm. I hung over the gate waiting until there, just inside the gate, the little fireflies flashed their lights. I went inside and the roadway was surrounded by trees, but looking to the side I found a little damp place, a pond where the fireflies had gathered. I walked further along the track joyously as firefly after firefly danced in the overhangs and flew back and forth. A steep embankment to the big creek was obscured in the darkness and I wouldn't have seen anything but their lights in the gloom if I hadn't been on the road. The dull sky above was lit by the city lights far away, but it was enough to penetrate the dark. I enjoyed the fireflies company for about half an hour before I heard a shuffle on the other side of the road and was surprised by the snuffle of a huge black bull eyeing me off. I scampered off frightened, but returned next day for the sketch in the daylight.

91cm x 122cm
Original painting,   $2,000

posted in envelope or tube
framed original, packaged and shipped by courier

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Designed using sketches onsite and reference materials for the lifecycle of the firefly. This image is much lighter than the painting. The gloom had to be broken up for display on the web so I photographed it in full sun. The original is much more mysteriousand if you hang it in a bedroom you can watch it reveal itself as the sun comes up.

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