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This original painting is available $2,000 framed


Dayze of Innocence Gallery/Far Out


Watercolour on Arches 175gsm paper
Dayze of Innocence Series is about the 1960's Hippy's faith in doing life differently, rebelling and making innovative choices. This series questions some of the stereotypes, cliches and behaviours. I am asking the questions: Was it really our Happy Days? How has Faith in that lifestyle stood the test of time? Were we all just in a dayze of Innocence? If we know what we know now, would we have pursued the lifestyle?

I remembered hearing the term 'Far Out' for the first time when a girl stood naked under a cold shower in a tropical winter. I was impressed then but I heard it many times since as a greeting: 'Oh it's you! Far out!' as the speaker shrieks in surprise. With this term, the speaker had faith that the forthcoming hug would be appreciated by both giver and receiver. I played on the concept and placed my Hippy girl in an imaginary landscape far out and away from other landscape features. I make up stories and remember snippets for who she is greeting.

68cm x 88cm
original framed is $2000

posted in envelope or tube
Original packed and delivered by courier
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Watercolour is framed under glass in a timber frame to protect it.

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