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Thank you for your interest my 2018 Headland Project.




Hello! Perhaps you would like to know what I use donations for....

I travel locally to do a lot of plein aire paintings on my bushwalking expeditions, but in 2018 I'm considering a longer journey.


I am planning a long trip down the NSW east coast to undertake a major writing and painting project called "Headland" starting 2018. It will culminate in a gallery exhibition and a book of my writings on philosophy, politics, memories and responses to that amazing coastline. So your donation would help to pay for camp fees and pertrol and the framing and publications of the project.

My artwork has a strong philosophy behind it that seeks to foster appreciation of our natural environment (which is fast disappearing) and to challenge our thoughts about who we are and how we are living within our chosen lifestyles. My work has a strong spiritual aspect about treading lightly on the land and working in harmony with the rythms of the Earth to support all forms of life we share the universe with. Your donation has supported and encouraged me to do more of this work.

The development of the project will be updated on my Art-Thoughts blog, so join and follow progress there. Posts have already begun on my Facebook page: Jessica Blythe Art Studio.

I like to hear from my visitors, so email me here if you have something to say.

Kind regards